How to ask for pay raise if you are a woman?


    Gender inequality is evident in every part of the world and every field of work even at domestic level. Women are supposed to perform household errands along with nurturing babies and earning for making the ends meet but the irony is that they are never given due credit. In fact, at most workplaces women are paid lesser than their male counterparts simply because of being a female. It is a common notion that women are not as capable as men are and thus, must be given less income than males. According to a study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute, women generally earn around £500,000 less over a lifetime than men. This trend has to change and women only can bring forth this change.

    The reason why women receive less pay is that they feel embarrassed about asking for a pay raise or maybe they are not as confident in finance related matters and thus, don't feel the courage to negotiate. Men usually make it a point to ask for a better pay right from the start while women feel shy and avoid this issue at all. It seems that women need to become more vocal about their salaries and recognize their financial rights over their employers.

    To negotiate you need to polish your negotiating skills, otherwise you won't be able to make yourself heard and get your point across. When it comes to pay raise, negotiation is the key. These tips will help you overcome your pay raise related shyness and you will feel confident enough to ask for a raise.

    Hard work makes asking for pay raise a reasonable demand:

    Prove your mettle by doing some good work before asking for a raise. If you have done something exceptionally good for the company recently and you think that you do deserve a pay raise then you have every right to ask for it. Another tactic would be to show your job demands chart (tasks that you agreed to do while joining in) and then show what additional efforts you have done to contribute to the prosperity of your firm. You must highlight the various duties you perform and provide a comparative analysis of how other females are paid for the same amount of tasks that you do. The idea is to let your boss understand that you are a valuable employee and deserve better pay for your honest efforts.

    Don't be aggressive or threatening:

    It is true that being paid less for more work can be frustrating at times but you have got to play it safe because, let's admit, you need that job and it is important for you. So, you need to put your employer in a defensive position instead of overselling yourself or overstating all your efforts and achievement. Try to find the perfect balance without involving salary comparison with your colleagues or adopting a threatening tone. Never blame others for anything especially your boss. Just try to convince about the need to pay you more because you simply deserve it. Be modest so that you could employ reverse psychology and make your boss feel terrible about not paying you enough.

    Analyze all the options:

    You can ensure a win-win situation if you analyze the probable results of this negotiating meeting with your boss. There can be a variety of options given by your boss and you need to be prepared about all possibilities. You may get offered for additional privileges instead of pay raise like a pick-and-drop offer or medical benefits or even increased annual holidays. There could be an offer of free accommodation or free paid trip to some destination as an acknowledgement of your efforts. So, be very analytical from all aspects and think about your response and points to give at certain offers if you only want pay raise and no other privileges.

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    Monday, 20 August 2018

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