How online recruiting has changed the way HR departments used to work

    Online recruitment is currently the raging trend in every industry and sector of business where hiring is required. It won't be wrong to say that online recruitment has altered the way HR departments used to work because not the process has become fast-paced, extensive and much convenient. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring online:

    1. Wider Reach and extensiveness of options: Hiring via an agency or through your company's HR department is no more a feasible option because it limits your options and the scope of hiring as well. If you recruit online, you would be gaining exposure to a wide range of potentially suitable candidates. By opting to use various online advertising sources for hiring like job boards, LinkedIn and/or Indeed, you get to increase your chances of hiring the best suited candidate. Online recruiting is a very flexible process and allows you the chance of chop and change your resources to access a wider array of job seekers. So, it becomes easy to find the right person for your offered job position.
    2. Faster Processing: Usually recruitment turns out to be a long and tedious procedure but nowadays we cannot afford to allocate so much time and efforts on finding the right person. Therefore, online recruiting becomes the best probable option because it makes recruiting an effective, quick and exciting process. Through online hiring, you can expect lesser hiring time involved, which is directly proportional to getting ample time to develop your business and pay attention to building your team.
    3. Value for Money: In comparison to traditional hiring practices, online recruitment is much practical because in financially trying times like these, it is a blessing to have a cost-effective hiring strategy. Using job boards and other sites for advertising about your offered job is a very inexpensive option while manually, you need to not only pay a lot of people for conducting the hiring process but also invest heavily in adverts and classified ads. Needless to mention that print advertising is a lot costly than digital advertising. 4.Convenience: You can easily add vacancies to any site so that your advertisement reaches potential candidates quickly and you start receiving applications quickly. With just one job advert you can get your job offer featured at a variety of platforms. Thus, you are able to hire faster and get more applications.

    Do's and Don'ts of Online Recruitment via Social Media:

    Recruiting through social media has become excessively common among entrepreneurs. However, there are some benefits as well as some drawbacks of hiring from social media. Let's check out the most significant do's and don'ts of online recruiting via social media.

    • Do utilize services of a well-trained, qualified and skilled individual to review and extract the information from social media prior to handing the information over to the hiring manager.
    • Don't ask for passwords from the candidates because you may not know what the law says about requesting for passwords and also, it will damage your company's reputation.
    • Don't trust whatever you are told or you have seen/read online and always verify the accuracy of information provided by the applicant.
    • Do make yourself aware of the potential hazards of TMI (too much information).
    • Don't use social sites inconsistently because exhaustive social search for one job vacancy for one candidate while passing the other after cursory investigation are both wrong. Organize your internal search practices and follow them accordingly for every hiring spree.
    • Do develop a written policy for using social sites for recruitment and ensure that candidates read that policy.
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    Monday, 20 August 2018

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