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    There are many ways to work off the spare tire around your waist. Diet and exercise have never been more important. Exercises are not meant for only one muscle or area of your body. However, there are specific exercises that can help make your mid-section a little smaller and a whole lot sexier. With the physical fitness in mind, there are always new and improved ways to target this area of your body. Getting a workout friend has never been easier or better to help your cause.

    Yoga is a great way to start preparing your body and it is low impact and perfect for an introduction to fitness. There are many different yoga positions that can help get your body in better health. Though there is no scientific proof, there are gaming systems that have "games" that help guide you through a yoga workout. In addition, there are also videos guided with trainers that give systematic instructions. Here is a brief description of five popular yoga positions.

    The triangle pose is a staple in many different forms of yoga, and for good reason. This basic pose stretches the hamstrings while lengthening the spine, and challenges your ability to balance. Anytime you need to release your lower back, rest your arms, or take a break in a yoga class, the child's pose is for you. Folding your body into a little ball makes you feel calm, safe, and relaxed. The wheel pose, which is essentially a challenging backbend. The tree pose opens up the hips and works on posture and balance. It is a great very to warm up for any physical activity. The standing bow or the dancer pose was one of the most challenging poses to master when I started out — I fell over more than a few times!

    A little more challenging exercises but just as fun, are belly dancing and hula hoping. These two exercises take a bit more coordination and can be looked at as a cardio workout. Belly dancing and hula hoping help get your heart rate up. Cardiovascular exercises are always recommended when thinking about losing weight. By incorporating these two different activities, even twice a week can help lower belly fat. In addition, these are two low impact exercises that may be harder at first but the possibilities are endless once you get the hang of them. It may take longer to see the results. Although, once you start to see the difference it may just give you the extra motivation to workout three or four times a week!

    Simply going for a bike ride is also a good way to work your abs and banish the belly. Again, start off slow with just a thirty minute bike ride and build your way up. When I start a new routine of exercise, I usually start with thirty minutes. If it helps, set a timer for fifteen minutes and head back. That way you do not over exert yourself right off the bat. I have always enjoyed going for bike rides. It allows you to enjoy nature and you are able to take in views that you sometimes miss when driving a car. Not to mention the peace and quiet that you can get through trail riding.

    If building muscle is your cup of tea, then these next ones are sure to grab your attention. Squats are great for this because they actually stretch the muscles in your stomach. This also helps strengthen your back and legs. There are always new and more challenging ways to incorporate squats into your routine. The biggest thing no matter what your goal is just to remember to gradually increase the amount of time and/or weight.

    With more and more coverage of weight lifting and strong people, competitions there are many new ways to do dead lifts. This is one exercise I do not recommend trying without someone spotting you. Especially once, you put weight onto the bar. Just for clarification on this specific routine, this is when you take a weight bar with or without weights and go from the floor to over your head in one motion. It especially gets tough when you try to go over your head. Again, this is why I recommend having a workout friend.

    Chest presses are another activity that can help banish the belly fat. These are best to do as part of a circuit training routine. This ensures that you can get a total body workout the downside, is that you may have to join a gym to have the equipment needed for the weight lifting aspect. I am not certain that this is an exercise that you can do without specific equipment.

    The weight training starts to strengthen your core muscles within your mid section and thus starts to tone and tighten specific body areas. However, many daily routines can help build your stamina and give you results. Some as simple as taking the dog or kids for a walk around the block, going to the neighborhood park and playing. Honestly, just being mindful and trying to incorporate thirty to sixty minutes of physical exercise is always a great start to getting your body to appear leaner and sexier.

    As you can see, many exercises will help lower the amount of belly fat you have on your body. However, it is always important to know your limits and not to push yourself too far. If it is at all possible, grab one of your friends and workout together. Several reasons this is recommended is for safety and extra motivation on the days you really do not feel like working out. Maybe you go for a walk or a bike ride those days. Something is better than nothing is; think of it like training for a marathon. You have to slowly build your stamina in order to cross the finish line.

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