Better Pay vs Right Career


    Do you feel happy if you are paid well but the job isn't actually your dream job?

    It is certainly a difficult question to answer. The tradeoff between job satisfaction and handsome salary is an issue that keeps pinching us until we get the answer. For instance, if you are an MBA would you find it equally satisfying that you work at a shop where you are paid more than working at a position that is according to your qualification? Many would say yes and many would say no. It is quite a difficult decision indeed. But the major part is played by the circumstances and the context. Such as, if you reside in an expensive city such as London or New York then higher pay would become your priority and you won't care much about the relevancy of your job and your qualification. On the other hand, if you live in a less expensive city such as Leeds then you would want to concentrate on getting a job where you feel satisfied. Salary dissatisfaction gets heightened when you see your friends and siblings earning more than you, because then your sole aim of life becomes to earn more than them.

    Moreover, better pay vs right career is an issue that is affected considerably by your life situation. For example, if you have recently gotten married then money will become your preference but if you have gone through a divorce then you would want to work for long hours and earning more won't be on your mind. In this regard, gender also is a vital denominator of personal priorities; such as males generally feel motivated by better pay whereas women feel satisfied with right career or good job.

    The fact is that if you prefer to go for high paying jobs then you will find yourself trapped. It is always a good idea to pursue excellence in your field of choice because then your heart and soul all will be in your job. Many try to work at high paying jobs until they reach their 30s and then start pursuing a career in the field of their choice, which is also a favorable practice.

    So, it can be assumed that throughout our lives our circumstances and priorities prompt certain decisions about job and career. Keep in mind that to some extent all jobs become interesting if you are being paid well. Conversely, you may not like your job despite it being from your field of choice if you don't get paid well and you see other climbing up the success ladder. In this context, we can state that selection of job is an important factor because it will determine your course of action for the years to come, since you cannot simply switch career abruptly. So, you need to be careful about your choices when it comes to job selection. Money matters for sure but it is just one of the incentives for a job. What matters most are your inner satisfaction and the work environment because if you don't like the work you do and the place of work itself then you won't feel like going to work at all. Conversely, when you will enjoy your work then even if you receive lesser pay, you won't regret.So, the bottom line is that one should always pursue work in his or her field of interest instead of turning into a money making machine.
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    Monday, 20 August 2018

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