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FairskinOur complexion varies according to our race, the region we belong, and even our lifestyle. Apart from these factors, melanin is the one responsible for making our complexion either fair or tan. Many women desire to change their skin color, and to have a fairer skin is the ultimate dream of majority of women around the globe. Fair skin never fails to get the attention of many, may it be on the opposite sex or the same sex. Women who are not fortunate enough to have that smooth, white skin have long envied women with fair skin. The desire of having whiter skin can be traced centuries back, for even Cleopatra concocted her own formula in achieving that fair, white complexion.

Good news is that, women do not need to rob a bank just to have that much coveted skin complexion. There are natural and home remedies that are proven to make the skin smooth and naturally-looking white skin. The kitchen and the garden will become every girl’s favorite place once they learn that they can find there the secret for achieving the skin tone they desire.

LEMON – When it comes to natural remedies for fair skin, lemon tops the list. It is proven time and again that this is an effective way for whitening the skin because it has bleaching agent that is safe to be used in the skin. If pimple marks and blemishes is also the problem, lemon is one of the fastest ways of making the marks less visible. Just cut the lemon fruit in two and rub it in the skin. Leave the lemon extract on the face for a few minutes before rinsing off. If skin is sensitive, squeeze the lemon and add few drops of water to the juice, rub the juice to the face instead of using the fruit itself.

HONEY AND LEMON - Honey makes an effective whitening remedy for fair skin. It has antiseptic properties that are also has impressive results in clearing up skin complexion. Make honey more effective by adding few drops of lemon. This powerful combination makes an excellent face mask and in less time, smooth, fairer skin is achieved.

GRAM FLOUR, MILK, AND LEMON –Gram flour and milk combination is proven effective in making the skin smooth and supple. Intensify the effect by adding lemon drops and create a powerful home remedy for smoother and whiter skin. One tablespoon of gram of flour, 3 or more drops of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of milk is enough to cover the face. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse. Increase proportions if to be used in the whole body.

MINT – Mint is known to have antiseptic properties. Apart from making the skin clear by drying pimples fast, it also results to fairer and whiter skin. Grind some mint leaves and add drops of water to create a paste. Leave the paste for 10 minutes before washing it off. The paste also makes a cooling mask for the whole body.

YOGHURT – Yoghurt is a popular in aiding digestion and known as a good source for boosting the immunity. Another benefit of yoghurt is its skin whitening properties. Apply yoghurt as it is, or concoct a more powerful facial or body mask by adding dried orange peels. Leave on the skin for twenty minutes before rinsing.

EGG WHITE – Egg whites is an effective home remedy for tightening the pores. It has been widely used by women as facial mask to also get rid of impurities and blemishes. The side effect of turning the skin fairer is a bonus. If you have a good supply of egg whites, apply it as body mask to achieve fairer skin from head to toe.

OATMEAL – Oatmeal is a popular home remedy for smoother skin. Those who regularly use it as a facial and body scrub swear that they only not achieve a healthier, smoother glow, they also notice their skin getting fairer by the day. Mix it with water or milk to come up with a paste and use as a scrub when bathing. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes to intensify the whitening effect before rinsing it off.

ORANGE PEELS – Orange peels are used as a natural room deodorizer. Aside from the sweet-smelling scent that it emits, orange peel is also and effective whitening agent. Make sure to dry the orange peels first. When dried enough, grind it and add enough water to come up with a natural toner. Apply using a cotton ball twice a day for maximum results.

TURMERIC – Turmeric powder is one of the in-demand spices, the reason why it is always readily available in the kitchen. Turmeric tea is also becoming popular because of its health benefits. Apart from these wonderful uses of turmeric, it is also regarded as an effective bleaching agent. Mix turmeric powder with drops of lime juice to create a paste. This combination can be used for both the face and the body. Leave the mixture on the skin for five to ten minutes before rinsing it off. Dark spots and blemishes disappear after just a few days.

Majority of women around the globe want to achieve a lighter tone because of the impression that women with fairer and lighter skin look more elegant and beautiful. No wonder bleaching and skin whitening products have been sprouting like mushrooms over the years. Almost all skin brands now have products that address skin whitening. For some, especially those with the budget, the most common action is to go skin centers and seek the help of science and technology. While peels, injections, and other skin whitening methods offered by skin centers can be the fastest ways in achieving that much coveted white and fairer skin, the long term effects of these methods are still unknown. Natural home remedies are still the best when it comes to whitening the skin, for not only these are safer, these also have lasting and healthy benefits. Not only these natural home remedies are effective, these are also the most economical ways in making the skin white, supple, and smooth.

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