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Bad Breath Orbit22.comBad breath can be embarrassing and is a factor that affects one’s personality as well as productivity. People around you are polite enough not to inform you that you have bad breath, so they just turn their backs away. Or if you are aware of your stinky breath, you turn away. Hiding from people and not socializing does not cure bad breath and does not do you any good. It is important to trace the culprit, the symptoms, and the proper treatment to this dreaded condition for you to live not just a normal life, but one that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Everybody has bad breath at one point. Morning breath is bad breath. But if the breath stinks the whole day and won’t go away, it needs some correcting. Unfortunately, it is not easy to say if you have bad breath. You need other people to smell your breath and tell if it stinks. To ask someone to smell your breath is not an easy task. You cannot imagine asking someone, even your closest friend or your significant other to smell your breath. But you have to start somewhere, and that is the initial step.

There are numerous reasons why one has a bad breath. There are causes that can be easily addressed and prevented, and there are ones that need medical and professional help. One of the basic reasons is poor oral hygiene. Lack of practice in oral care, like brushing the teeth and flossing, may cause bad breath. Food particles rot inside the mouth and breeds bacteria that causes foul odour. Foods with strong odours also contribute in bad breath that is why it is advised to brush and floss right away after these foods are taken, or after every meal for that matter. The kind of lifestyle you have also leads to bad breath. If you are a regular tobacco or cigarette puffer, or drink too much alcohol, coffee, and other acidic beverages, these can lead to bad breath if not curbed early on. Braces and dentures that are not properly cleaned may also cause bad breath. For a more serious tone, some medical conditions and health-related problems also cause foul-smelling breath. Pills and some medical procedures for healing or curing some sickness and diseases may also lead to stinky breath.

The treatment for bad breath depends on the cause why you have it. That is why it is important to first learn what the culprits are, then take proper actions from there. There are various treatments that can be done to eradicate and permanently eliminate bad breath. For simpler cases, it is addressed by just practicing proper oral hygiene. When we were kids, we were taught on brushing our teeth three times a day. When we got a little older, we were introduced to flossing, mouthwash, and of course, the dentist. These compose the best practice for oral hygiene. Do not forget to clean the tongue every time you brush, and make it a habit to replace your toothbrush every two to three months. For those who are in dentures and braces, regular cleaning is necessary to avoid build-up of food that cannot be cleaned by regular brushing and flossing. The dentist is the best person to visit to see if there are more serious problems that can be causing the bad breath. For instance, patient with dry mouth is given artificial saliva to avoid bad breath. Saliva plays a major role in the digestive system as well as preventing the formation of bacteria in the mouth, so lack of it may cause stink due to bacteria build-up. For regular cleaning, a visit to the dentist every six months is ideal.  

Fortunately, there are also home cures for stinky breath. Not only that these are cheap, these are also nature’s way of giving us safe products for curing bad breath. Apart from proper oral hygiene, you might want to add green tea in your prevention list. Green tea has antibacterial properties that fight the bacteria build-up in the mouth, thus, lessening the chance of having a bad breath. To reinforce the effect of green tea, you may add some cinnamon to it. Not only it makes the taste interesting, the essential oils in cinnamon are effective in fighting germs that may cause stinky breath. Some herbs like mints, basil, cilantro, and parsley may be chewed to temporarily mask away the foul smell of the mouth. These herbs also have long term benefits for overall health.

If you are serious in curing bad breath, not only you will do these things, you also must check the kind of lifestyle and diet you have. No amount of proper hygiene is effective if you will not change the lifestyle that may be causing your breath to stink. Go low in alcohol, avoid cigarettes, and lessen your intake of acidic beverages like sodas and coffee. All these contribute to having a foul-smelling breath. You also have to check the kind of diet you have. Too much onion, garlic, and also for some, too much meat and a very low carbohydrate diet, can trigger bad breath.

If all else fails, a trip to your trusted doctor is the best option. The abovementioned ways are effective enough to cure and prevent bad breath, but if it still persists, there might be a more serious cause of it. In some cases, a bad breath indicates other illnesses. Respiratory tract infections like pneumonia and bronchitis, diabetes, chronic acid reflux, chronic sinus infection, liver or kidney problems may also trigger bad breath. It is best to have this further checked by your doctor.

To identify the culprit and take proper action is the best way to combat bad breath. We talk and breathe everyday of our lives and bad breath may hamper us from enjoying even the simplest joys in life like laughing with a friend or kissing a loved one, a possible job promotion or a bold career move. Bad breath may deprive you of a lot of things in life, and to avoid that from happening, take the necessary steps now.

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