online educationOnline education is the type of education given to students over the internet. It is also referred as online learning or e Learning. The courses offered in this kind of education are as diverse as the ones offered in campuses. The academic coverage of online education is not left behind when compared to traditional schools and universities. There are two types of online education: open online learning and restricted online learning.

Open online learning is free for anyone who has access to the internet. One can easily enter and view the curriculum and proceed in learning. There are no instructors, however, and there is also no grading system.   Restricted online learning, on the other hand, requires screening of students, enrolment, and registration. There is an interaction between the student and an instructor and assessment is done by giving grades at the end of the curriculum. Certificates are also released to students upon completion of the term.

The demand for online education is on the rise because it is a system that caters to the busy individual. More so, online education is favored because the student can choose the curriculum, schedule, and even the terms of payment that fits his capability. Before considering online education, one must carefully analyze why this is the type of education that best suits him. One of the effective ways to arrive to a decision is to have a look on its pros and cons.


CONVENIENCE – This is the top reason why online education is in demand. Student does not have to show up in an actual classroom, hence, there is lesser consumption of time.   Time is essential to a busy individual, most especially the professionals and full-time employees who seek further education through online learning. Convenience here means students learn on their own pace, on their own time, and in a place comfortable for them.

AGE – Education knows no age. Learning is a continuing process, as they say. However, those in the retirement stage usually have doubts if going to campuses suit their age. This is where online education comes in. Since this is not a classroom set-up and students do not see each other, therefore, there is no chance one can learn what the ages of each other are, or even the race, and the appearance.

MONEY SAVER – The cost of enrolling in an online education is much lower compared to the traditional school. Courses offered in the internet are rather cheap, aside from the fact that one can also choose the course that fits the budget. Online earning also saves money because there is no need to gas the car or pay for transportation in going to school. As long as the internet connection is strong, one can study without leaving the house. This kind of education does not also require school uniform which is again another way of saving money. This makes online learning the most cost effective method in learning available for students.

FOCUS AND PRODUCTIVITY - Unlike in traditional schools, online learning does not have snack breaks and lunch breaks, sports fest, school fair, and other school-related activities. That only allows online education students to learn the lessons without interruptions and students are focus more in the curriculum because there are no distractions.

MASTERY – Online education allows the student to go back to the lesson he has not mastered yet. Unlike in traditional school where lessons are progressive every day, students of online learning can have a pause and master the lesson being taught before proceeding to the next.


NO INTERACTION – Online education does not give opportunity for students to interact with their fellow online students. The only person a student of online education interacts with is the instructor. That means there is no chance for students to exchange ideas, opinions, or even help each other out in the lessons given to them.

LACK OF FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE – Online learning is purely based on providing the students the materials they need to study. Though the internet is now the best and modern way in augmenting knowledge, the actual places where students can enhance their learning and capability is not present. For instance, science-related courses require students to do experiments to fully understand the lesson, so lessons are conducted in the laboratory. This can never be possible in an online education.

LEGITIMACY - Though there are numerous institutions that offer online education, it is still not easy to point which are the legit ones.

AVAILABILITY OF INSTRUCTOR - Unlike in traditional school where teachers and professors are easily reached because they are just within the school premises, online instructors are only present during the scheduled session and may require an appointment if the student needs to have a talk with him. While teachers of traditional schools willingly extend their help to students by tutoring them after school hours, this is not very possible in online learning.

CONNECTION GLITCHES – It is said that as long as there is a strong internet connection, one can have his lessons anywhere, anytime. But let us also take into consideration problems that may arise due to connection glitches. Storms and strong wind sometimes result to poor connection. Internet maintenance done in a regular basis may also cut the connection, and again, will affect the student of online learning.

Online education is an effective tool in augmenting one’s knowledge and further enhancing one’s skills even if time is limited. Engaging in an online education must be studied and analyzed first before one employs it. If you have chosen to make use of online education because of the advantages applicable to your lifestyle and schedule, the next critical stage is to search which institutions are recognized. Working individuals engage in online education to advance their careers, so it is important that the certificate issued from the online learning institution is honored. It is best to do thorough research first on which of these institutions are legal, credible, and recognized before finally deciding on where to enroll.

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