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Every day we learn something new, and when it comes to our career, we are always experiencing newer stuff. We usually don’t remember much of whatever we learn on a day-to-day basis with our experiences. However, when it comes to career and success, some lessons are worth remembering and keeping in your mind for as long as possible. Listed below are some of those lessons.

Keeping Contacts Numbers
Ignoring your network is probably the worst thing you would do to your career. Remember that you grow professionally and adopt newer career paths only with the help of your network and the more extensive it is the more chances of growing will be availed. But, if you neglect your network and feel that staying in contact with seasoned professionals would be of no use then you are wrong. You can never know who can become your gateway to a better future so it is a wise strategy to keep your contacts saved and the network growing.

Expecting your Firm to Allow your Professional Development
You need to take full control and responsibility of your career, don’t expect the company you work for to help you with that. Look for opportunities to excel further in your career and invest in yourself. It could be by attending a seminar, which otherwise appears insignificant to you. Listen to strategies that others from your field employed to reach the position that they are at currently. Also, don’t think that you are earning well and don’t need to learn more, try improving your resume by taking workshops and online/conventional courses.

Set New Goals to Achieve
You cannot walk into one direction always, it is important to keep evaluating and changing your goals every now and then so as to make sure that you are in sync with your desires and the trends in the market. For instance, if you aimed at opening a retail outlet in the beginning, it might be a good idea to change the goal to establishing an online retail outlet instead of spending years to make enough money and open a brick-and-mortar shop.

Being Confident is the Key
Your confidence and self-reliance attitude can take you places while being under confident would halt or slow your growth as an individual as well as a professional. You need to be confident about everything, your appearance, ideas and skills as it will result in boosting your popularity and people will start noticing you.

Not just the Job, Learn about the Business too
Always think ahead and out-of-the-box. If you are working as an employee, just don’t learn the tricks and tips of doing your tasks commendably but also how the business is run and the tactics of the trade. You may laugh at the thought of this but it’s a reality, this information can help you achieve new heights of success in your career.

Learning from your Peers
You peers are like treasure trove of knowledge as they have remained in the field longer than you have and might have even experienced the same ups and downs as you are facing now. So, it would be great to remember the little tips and experiences that they have shared with you because at some point in your career, these will come handy.

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interview questions2

Mastering the job interview isn’t an easy task at all unless you are aware of the salient tactics, tips and strategies that may help you achieve new heights of success by getting employed. So, this article talks about those all-important tips that would lead to a great interview and eventually the appointment letter.

  • Make your impression as soon as you enter the room with your positive and confident body language as well as a good, energetic smile. You may ask any psychologist, your handshake and smile can help you create a good impression straightaway as you enter the room. Create eye contact with the interviewer for a few seconds only because if you stare for too long you will appear foolish.
  • A lot of people dread job interview, which is natural, however, what is not good is to let this fear spread across your facial expressions and reflect in your body language. Nobody wants to hire an employee who appears under confident and nervous. No matter how scared you feel while entering the interview room, you must not let it show from your face or your walk and handshake.
  • The first question that the interview committee may ask you is “tell us about yourself and your experience” followed by “why you believe that you are best suited for this job.” These are mandatory ice breaker questions and you have got to be prepared for answering them with utmost enthusiasm, credibility and promptness. Tell them about your professional background, your technical and transferable skills, proficiencies and a brief intro about your personality. Explain it to them that you are a go-getter type individual and in today’s competitive corporate scenario, this greatly helps. You can prepare yourself for this question beforehand.
  • As answering the interview committee questions is important for a good interview, equally important is to ask questions from them regarding the job. This will make them aware of the fact that you are also interested in the job position for which you are giving an interview. Ask about the company, its mission and goals, something about the requirements of your job and relevant stuff.
  • It is always a good idea to do some research about the firm you are going to give interview for and prepare a set of questions that you need to ask them such as your prospect of progressing with the company. Try to find out everything about the company and its work ethics and possible salary that they might be offering for your position. This will help you during the interview because you will be asked this question “what are your salary expectations?” You must not oversell or undersell yourself and perhaps come up with an answer that is just right and balanced.
  • Another compulsory question is “how do you deal with difficult situations?” this is usually asked to understand how you handle stress or stressful situations. In simple words, they need to know if you are mentally reliable enough to brace the ups and downs of professional life. You can do research on this question and try to determine the perfect answer for it so that you are able to recite it when asked.
  • If you are asked “why do you want this job?” You need to be honest about it because only you know the answer to this question and nothing can prepare you for answering it except you. So think about it while you prepare for the interview that why you want this job and what attracts you towards this particular company? Is it the salary, the prestigious market position of the firm or simply because you fit the qualification criterion? Be realistic and come up with an answer that appeals to the committee instead of just telling them that you need a job that’s why you applied.
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bad employee

There are things or habits that help you earn a good reputation at your workplace while there are habits that doe the opposite, that it, entitle you with all sorts of wrong labels. Here are the top 7 reputational errors you need to avoid at work.

work life balance

Every one of us love to succeed in life professionally no matter if we admit it or not. Success is probably the most valued and anticipated phenomenon of our lives. However, there are some aspects that are far more important than the job. These are the aspects that one should not and must not compromise upon at any point in the career. Let’s find out what are these aspects that are more important than retaining your job or climbing the success ladder.