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jobs in dubaiIf you are among thousands of those people who desperately sending resumes to everyone to find a job in Dubai without any success, then this post is for you. You need to take a deep breath and analyze and focus your efforts in right direction so you get results faster. I am going to tell you some strategies to help you streamline your efforts. But before we go ahead, let’s talk a bit about resume and its importance.

You do not need just a resume, you need a Good resume. Follow the tips below to sharpen your resume.

  1. Avoid writing stories. Be specific and to the point. Do not copy paste from other resumes you find online. Learn and write your own intro.
  2. Use statistics, numbers and figures. For example it is better to say “I helped my company to increase sales by 10% in 3 months” than just saying “I helped my company to increase sales.”
  3. Mention your important achievements in bullets, not paragraphs.
  4. Avoid fancy fonts (including italics) and underlines.
  5. Maintain the format throughout.
  6. Do not give your personal details. Recruiter doesn’t want to know if you are married or single, unless he is running a marriage bureau.

So once you got a good resume, follow the advice below to find the right job in Dubai or anywhere for that matter.

1 Set your Goal

You need to decide precisely where you want to work and what you want to do, be realistic and target businesses your experience can add value to. Don’t just send resumes to each and every person on earth you come across. Focus. If you are looking for a job as a Marketing Manager, then do not apply as a marketing assistant as well. And if that is your Plan B to apply as an assistant in case you don’t find a job as a Marketing Manager, then tone down your resume and make a another resume which won’t disqualify you as an over qualified.

2 Use your Contacts

I cannot emphasize it enough how useful contact can be. List down everyone you who can help you find a job in Dubai. Approach them one by one ask if they refer you to any of their contacts who might help you get or find a job. I know a whole lot of people who got the job with someone’s recommendation. In fact many companies ask their existing employees for references for new vacancies. So don’t be shy of asking your contacts if they know anyone who is looking for a candidate like you.

3 Alumni Networking

You may not think of your old classmates while listing your contacts, but trust me your old classmates can really help when it comes to job hunting. They may have opening at their own workplace or they may know someone who has an opening.

4 Social Networking

Social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can play a vital role in your job-hunt if used correctly. Believe me or not I got my lost job via LinkedIn. I was connected to a recruiter whom I asked if there was an opening. Her brother had a company who was my ex employer’s competitor. She referred me to him who immediately hired me after first interview.

If used wisely these social networks can be great tools to help you find your next job.

5 Job Sites

There are many of them including

Get yourself registered, keep your resume updated and uniform, and apply for right jobs.

6 Recruiter

A good recruiter knows the industry and will be able to work with you to look for jobs which are not advertised and introduce you to contacts you wouldn’t find otherwise.

I hope it helps you find your next great job in Dubai. Remember, do not make decisions in desperation. Be professional and stay focused.

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