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customer serviceA good product and an excellent customer service are a tried and tested formula for success.  That is the reason why customer service must be taken seriously.  Improving customer service must always be a part of the company’s goal for success.   It only shows how your company gives importance to the most valuable factor in the success of your business—the customers.



TAKE TIME TO CHAT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS – Make it a habit to have small talks with your costumers.  This does not only make them feel at ease with you, your staff, and your business, it is also an effective tool in getting their thoughts on your business.  Through small talks, you are able to assess their level of happiness and satisfaction in the company, as well as their rants and disappointments.  Take note of their suggestions as well.


TAKE TIME TO CHAT WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES – Your employees are the first ones to hear your customers.  Sometimes, even if your employees have the best attitude towards customer service, the lack of materials to implement it may hamper their actions to do so.  You will know about them if a new telephone line is needed to address incoming calls faster, or a new staff member is needed to assist the growing number of clients.  Listening to what your employees have to say is important because they serve as the voice of your customers.


RANDOM SURVEY – Survey cards are very helpful in getting your customer’s pulse of your business.  Put survey cards in an area where customers can see it at once and encourage them to fill it out.  Make your survey short yet precise and straight to the point.  Don’t just ask how well they liked the service, or in what area did they not like the service—these are examples of vague questions.  Ask how long did they have to wait to be assisted, how fast or slow the staff is, how comfortable they are in their seats, and so on.  This allows the management to point what area needs to be improved and developed.


DEFINE WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS - You might want to check on how your employees understand customer service, and ask them as well about the importance of it in the business.  There is a possibility that not all of your employees have the same understanding on how good the customer service benefits company.  Training them is the key.  Put a definite on customer service so everybody understands it on the same level.  It is also important to interact with your employees and listen to them, for they may have valuable suggestions that your company can implement.


BE YOUR OWN CUSTOMER – Plain and simple.  Be your own customer and ask yourself what kind of treatment you want to get from your company.  No customer wants to be treated wrongly.   You want to step out from your store satisfied and happy.  This can be an effective method in improving your customer service. 


REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS – One bold move is to reward clients for their continued patronage.  Set a budget for gifts and vouchers to be given to deserving clients.  You might want to give discounts to loyal clients, give wholesale price to those who buy in bulk, give tokens to new clients, or even have one-day sale for everybody.  These promotions make them feel special and well taken care of. It is a way of showing how much your company appreciates them. 


REWARD YOUR EMPLOYEES – Give your employees a boost by rewarding them for a job well done.  A happy employee also equates a happy disposition in the job he is in.  If he is happy in what he is doing, it reflects on his actions.  He gives the most cheerful greeting, he assists in a fast manner, and he addresses the customer’s needs in the most sincere way. 


AFTER SALES SERVICE – Customer service does not happen just before and during the transaction.  It extends up to the time he steps out of the door, goes to his home, and uses the product.  The customer service does not have to end.  Excellent after sales service makes the customer feel his importance to your company and makes him feel your sincere effort in checking his level of satisfaction even after the sale was consummated.  Entertain phone calls for inquiries or complaints and render answers to address their needs.


DO NOT JUST SELL – Although sales and profit appear to be the topmost reason for engaging in a business, there are times when one should stop selling and start listening.   A customer may not find the product he is looking for in your store, but entertain him as well.  Offer him a seat, chat with him, and let him know what other products he may find interesting in the store.  Allow him to interact as you listen to what his opinions and suggestions are.  He may not find the product he is looking for at the moment, but the excellent treatment he experienced will make a mark in his memory.  He may not buy now, but he may in the future, and may even spread good reviews to friends and relatives who can be your clients as well.


PRACTICE CONTINUITY – Consistent execution of excellent customer service is very important.  It is not enough to make customers happy in just one day, one week, or one month.  Good customer service is a never-ending process and must be implemented all the time. The genuine concern for their needs and the effort to provide them the answer must be present at all times. The need to make clients satisfied and happy equates to a steady and even growing clientele. 


Improving customer service is a crucial part of any business and must be a priority.   Constantly checking and improving on customer service reaps rewards in the end, benefiting both the employer and the employees. A business must not stop at improving customer service for it is one of the reasons why a business stays strong in the industry.

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