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customer serviceTo maintain a good level of customer satisfaction is still one of the best ways to make the business last. Satisfaction does not always mean just providing them the kind of product or service they look for in the company.  In an industry where competition is always present, it takes more than a good product or service to sell to make the customer come back and stick to your company.

Customer service is one of the reasons why customers come back.  It is when you listen to the concerns of customers and strive hard to provide their requests and needs that are within the scope of the business.   It may happen before the transaction, or even after the sale is made.  It is actually making the client feel comfortable with the business, with the product, and the company itself and letting him realize how important he is.  

Costumer service is as important as the product or service the company offers. This is, in fact, where small and starting business relies apart from the product and service it offers.  Once a customer is satisfied with how he is treated and how excellent he is served, words of appreciation and praise circulate.  Positive feedback of both the business and the kind of excellent customer service the company has definitely creates great results by attracting new customers.  Big names in the industry, on the other hand, do not have to cease on proving themselves why they are on top of the industry.  Excellent customer service is still one of the key factors why these big companies are most preferred by clients and why they remain to be the reputable ones in the industry.

Despite the favorable effects of good customer service, there are still a few who show bad customer service. And how exactly does bad customer service affect the business?  Below is a list of the possible outcomes:

Companies must always show appreciation to their customers.  This is also the reason why a lot of companies utilize various promos like mark down price, buy-one-get-one, free items, and so on.  These tactics are very effective in generating sales, but an intelligent boss or business owner knows a much deeper reason why these are implemented--- these are also employed as the company’s way of thanking their customers for their continued patronage.  Apart from these promos, one way of showing appreciation is to show good customer service.  A warm smile upon entrance, a cheerful welcoming greeting, and a sincere way of addressing their needs show how they are valued and liked. If that is not met, it is like telling the customers that the company can do without them and they are not important at all. No matter how good the product is, customers surely will be turned-off.   With bad customer service and unacceptable attitude showed to them, the company is giving them the reason to look and try other companies.  You might be selling the same product, or even the better product, but if that store next to you gives a friendlier and much better customer service, no doubt your customer will be there on his next purchase.

A satisfied client never fails to talk about the happiness he has in the product and the excellent treatment he got from the company.  A satisfied client is like having a huge billboard talking about how good your product and your company is.  That means huge savings on advertisement! One positive review goes a long way.  One negative review, on the other hand, is also the shortest way of depriving the company of possible sales.  Bad reviews travel fast, and a potential client can be one of those who heard the news.  A potential client may be just sitting next to an irate customer who the staff just ignored.  And that potential client shares what he heard to his friends who may also have an interest in purchasing from you.  These two or more potential clients lost interest in your company even before they have reached your door.  They are just saving themselves from a bad customer service they might get from your company.

 A company that has a staff that knows how to handle clients well is like having a treasure.  To have a quality product to sell combined with people who know how to take care of the customers helps in making the business stable by generating constant flow of sales through repeat orders.  Repeat orders are clear manifestations on how the business will fair in the industry and is a sign of possible expansion.  However, just one wrong move from the staff can hamper this.  Bad customer service, when experienced by a client, will make her think twice of ordering from your company on the second time.  Some clients are forgiving and would even let the first event of bad customer service pass, but if on the second time the client still gets the same bad service, rest assured that a third transaction will not materialize.  

When customers are already driven away because of bad customer service, this is expected to happen:  loss of profits.  Customers that are not satisfied with the service given to them stops patronizing the company, and if this happens in everyday basis, it generates small amount of sales and fewer profits.  Take note that the company has to pay for rent and other bills and the staff’s salary, not to mention other expenses as well.  Not enough profits to cover all these lead to closure of the business.

It is really important to have a good customer service.  It brings positive effects to the business and the clients have favourable response to it.  The business owner and his staff must always take into consideration the satisfaction of the clients, not only from the product the company offers but also the way the customers are treated.  One should always remember that customers are the biggest factors why the business exists and continues to flourish.

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  • Well bad customer service "will" really hurt your business because the bad service will definitely reflect to your business and thats not good at all. I definitely agree that it can cause loss of profit and loss of business because if your business sells product and you cant sell anything what's the essence of continuing running the business right?